Version 0.9.1

I've just posted version 0.9.1 of Mini Micro, a relatively small (but still important!) update over v0.9.0.  Changes in this release:

  • Added "therapist" demo (based on a classic AI program called "Eliza").
  • Added basic autocompletion support on the command line.  The console will suggest, via faded-out text, possible completions of what you have typed so far.  Press the Tab key to accept them, or just ignore them.
  • Added support with moving the cursor or deleting by whole words, by holding the Alt or Control key while you press left, right, backspace, or delete.
  • Added a new `RawData` class, used to represent a block of binary data.  For details, see:
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the machine to freeze when drawing a wide line with zero length.
  • Fixed the disk slot menus so that "Mount Disk File" fits without wrapping.
  • Fixed some keyboard focus issues with the "Save As" dialog in the code editor.
  • Clarified and extended some of the built-in help.

I'm especially interested to hear what you all think of the autocompletion support on the command line.  I've only been using it a few days myself, but I already love it.  It's not perfect, though (sometimes it is unable to suggest things that you might expect it to suggest).  Do the imperfections make it not worth having at all?  Let me know what you think!

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Version 0.9.1 Mar 26, 2020
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Version 0.9.1 Mar 26, 2020

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