Mini Micro version 1.1 is now available!

I'm delighted to announce version 1.1 of Mini Micro, the neo-retro virtual home computer!  This is the first major update to Mini Micro since its official 1.0 release.  It brings a variety of enhancements:

• Added Sprite.corners and Sprite.setCorners, which allow you to directly get/set the four corners of a sprite.  This allows for stretching, perspective projection, etc.

• Fixed bug in which a directory on a minidisk could not be deleted unless you appended "/" to the file name.

• Added code to ensure the code editor keeps the keyboard focus even after using the scrollbar, etc.

• Added sorting of Find results in the code editor (just click any column header).

• Added "Auto-Save" checkbox to code editor.

• Added Sound.adjust.

• Fixed bug causing the screen to be offset (cut off on the left) when bezel:false is used in bootOpts.grfon.

• Changed how intrinsic functions look up their parameter values to a method both faster and more null-safe.

• Updated code editor to properly color closing parens/brackets on continued lines.

• Control-C break may now be enabled/disabled at runtime, by simply changing env.bootOpts.controlC.

• key.get now returns all control characters (1-26), not just ^A and ^E.

• New "ignorePrefs" option in bootOpts allows you to bypass prefs and always mount user.minidisk next to the executable.

• Sprite.worldBounds now updates immediately when you change the sprite position, rotation, or scale.

• Fixed handling of the U.S. International - PC keyboard layout under Windows.

• Uses MiniScript language version 1.5.1, which brings several improvements. These include better error reporting, use of `null` as a map key, and more consistent logical comparisons and operators.  In addition, empty parentheses are no longer required on a function declaration -- eliminating the only place where such empty parentheses were ever required.

• The "small" font (available with PixelDisplay.print) was missing the vertical bar character, "|" or code(124).  This has been corrected.

• The character spacing in the "small" font has been changed from 9 to 8 pixels.

• The /sys/demo/ program now sports a background color and outline that make it easier to tell the drawable area of a small image.  (Thanks to @sebnozzi for this enhancement.)

• New demos: cardFlip, road, and spriteStretch (all in /sys/demo).

• /sys/lib/stringUtil now adds string.fill and string.match methods, for doing template-based string substitution and pattern matching.

• /sys/lib/mathUtil offers new methods for finding line-line intersections.

• Bounds class has a new `overlapsLineSegment` method for testing whether the bounds intersects a given line segment.

Mini Micro is 100% free, and this is a recommended update for all users.  Download it for Windows, Mac, or Linux today!

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Version 1.1 Jan 23, 2022
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Version 1.1 Jan 23, 2022

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