Mini Micro v0.9.4 now available!

Happy new year!

Version 0.9.4 of Mini Micro is now available!  Changes since version 0.9.3 (last September) include:

  • Improved http module to support headers, and work around Unity issues with
  • Fixed a bug in Image.create that caused the resulting images to draw incorrectly when used as a sprite.
  • Fixed issues with `mouse.x` and `mouse.y` on WebGL, retina, or scaled displays.
  • Added ellipsis, i.e. char(8230), to built-in fonts.
  • Code editor: fixed broken TMPro texts; added tab and shift-tab to jump to template parts like _this_.
  • Fixed a bug with gfx.drawEllipse when the circle is cut off by the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Made enhancements to TextDisplay.setCell etc., which can now take list of rows and columns.
  • Added dateUtil module, supporting date/time functions.
  • Added new stackTrace intrinsic, which provides info on the current call stack.
  • Added a qa module, containing quality-assurance functions such as assert.
  • The fatbits demo is now fully functional.  Paint those pixels!

We're getting very close to a 1.0 release now.   Please pull this one down, kick the tires, and let me know if you find anything amiss!

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Version 0.9.4 Jan 01, 2021 37 MB
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Version 0.9.4 Jan 01, 2021
minimicro-linux.tar.gz 40 MB
Version 0.9.4 Jan 01, 2021

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