Mini Micro v0.9.6 now available!

Mini Micro is getting really polished and shiny!  The latest and greatest, version 0.9.6 is now available.  Changes since 0.9.5:

- Improved error reporting, including the line number in your code, even if the error was actually detected deep inside some intrinsic function.
- Added the tau character, char(964), to the built-in font, plus /sys/demo/specialChars and /sys/lib/chars.
- Extended /sys/lib/tc, the tweetcode support module, with new methods and assignments to make it even easier to write complete programs in 280 characters or less.
- Improved the code editor's copy/paste support, now disabling those buttons when they shouldn't apply; and made the Tab key move between fields in the Find and Insert Color dialogs.

We're so close to 1.0 now.  I would really love to get lots of user testing on this in the next few weeks, so we can put out an official 1.0 release and know that it's completely solid.  Please give it a try, and let me know about any issues you find!

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Version 0.9.6 Feb 16, 2021 37 MB
Version 0.9.6 Feb 16, 2021 43 MB
Version 0.9.6 Feb 16, 2021
minimicro-linux.tar.gz 40 MB
Version 0.9.6 Feb 16, 2021

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