Version 0.9.5 Update

I've just posted version 0.9.5 of Mini Micro!  We are getting very, very close to a 1.0 release.

Changes since 0.9.4:

  • The shell no longer leaves you at a "...]" prompt if you run a program with an unterminated if/for/while block.
  • Handling of screen size/resolution has been greatly revamped.  The Mini Micro window is now resizable, and the actual "monitor" area will fill this space as well as it can.  Note that it snaps to even multiples of native (1024x769) resolution, since those look the best, so watch for that while stretching the window.
  • Control-C now reports the line number at which the program was stopped.
  • Various optimizations have been done, especially to PixelDisplay and to any code that uses `self`; benchmarks now run up to 2X faster.
  • `file.move` now works even when you are only changing the capitalization of the file name.
  • Updated the underlying package that renders text in the code editor, fixing issues with the scrollbar not going far enough to the right.

Some of these changes were pretty big, so please keep a sharp eye out for any new problems they may have caused.  We want to get everything buttoned down and nailed up for the version 1.0 release.

In somewhat related news, the first book about MiniScript and Mini Micro has come out!  Check it out on  All proceeds go to further development of MiniScript and Mini Micro.  :)

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Version 0.9.5 Jan 24, 2021 37 MB
Version 0.9.5 Jan 24, 2021 43 MB
Version 0.9.5 Jan 24, 2021
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Version 0.9.5 Jan 24, 2021

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