Mini MIcro v0.9.3!

I've updated Mini Micro to version 0.9.3.  This is a collection of small enhancements over the previous version (0.9.2), including:

  • New APIs: Image.create, Sound.isPlaying.
  • New/improved helper code in /sys/lib, including listUtil, tsv, and tc.
  • In code editor, F1-F5 may now be used for Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Run.
  • Fixed loading of certain .ogg sound files that wouldn't load before.
  • Added error handling when code editor is unable to save.
  • Added a /sys/data directory, containing (among other things) an English word list suitable for word games.
  • Added /sys/demo/, a pixel editor which is not done yet (but I wanted you to see where it's going).

There are numerous other improvements too small to mention, but they add up, and make this a recommended update for all Mini Micro users.

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Version 0.93 Aug 07, 2020 37 MB
Version 0.93 Aug 07, 2020 43 MB
Version 0.93 Aug 07, 2020
minimicro-linux.tar.gz 40 MB
Version 0.93 Aug 07, 2020

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