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Mini Micro

neo-retro virtual home computer from an alternate, cooler universe · By JoeStrout


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Updated to v0.9.2
I've updated Mini Micro to version 0.9.2. Changes since 0.9.1: • Added `file.loadRaw` and `file.saveRaw`, for loading/saving raw binary data. • Added suppor...
4 files — 0.9.2
Version 0.9.1
I've just posted version 0.9.1 of Mini Micro, a relatively small (but still important!) update over v0.9.0. Changes in this release: Added "therapist" demo (ba...
4 files — 0.9.1
Mini Micro v0.9!
After several months of work, I am super excited to announce that Mini Micro v0.9 is finally available ! This is a major upgrade over v0.8, especially with rega...
4 files — 0.9.0