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Mini Micro

neo-retro virtual home computer from an alternate, cooler universe · By JoeStrout


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Mini Micro updated to 1.2.1
Mini Micro has been updated to version 1.2.1! Changes include: new functions in the /sys/lib modules a new TD (tower defense) demo new content in /sys/pics and...
4 files — 1.2.1
Mini Micro version 1.1.1 is now available!
A maintenance update (v1.1.1) to Mini Micro has just been released. This release includes three bug fixes, three new features, and some small improvements to th...
4 files — 1.1.1
Mini Micro version 1.1 is now available!
I'm delighted to announce version 1.1 of Mini Micro , the neo-retro virtual home computer! This is the first major update to Mini Micro since its official 1.0 r...
4 files — 1.1
Mini Micro version 1.0 is out!
After more than three years of development, Mini Micro version 1.0 is finally released ! This is the official, really-we're-not-kidding release of Mini Micro, t...
4 files — 1.0
Mini Micro v0.9.7 now available!
Version 0.9.7 of Mini Micro is now available for download! Changes since version 0.9.6 (February): - Removed Discord integration, which caused more problems tha...
4 files — 0.9.7
Mini Micro v0.9.6 now available!
Mini Micro is getting really polished and shiny! The latest and greatest, version 0.9.6 is now available. Changes since 0.9.5: - Improved error reporting, inc...
4 files — 0.9.6
Version 0.9.5 Update
I've just posted version 0.9.5 of Mini Micro! We are getting very, very close to a 1.0 release. Changes since 0.9.4: The shell no longer leaves you at a "...]"...
4 files — 0.9.5
Mini Micro v0.9.4 now available!
Happy new year! Version 0.9.4 of Mini Micro is now available! Changes since version 0.9.3 (last September) include: Improved http module to support headers, an...
4 files — 0.9.4
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