DYZE — Day 7

We're getting down to the wire now!  I've mostly stopped writing code, and focused today on designing a decent level.  I want something that starts out easy, but quickly ramps up, introducing game concepts one at a time.  I set aside the test level I've been using up to now, and started from scratch.  And this time I completely ignored cosmetics, and just threw in rooftops, sidewalks, and pipes where they were needed to make the level functional.  And, of course, enemy humans.  Lots of enemy humans.

Shown above is the level editor (which by the way is included with Mini Micro, in the /sys/demo directory).   Since the basic level design is done and tested, I've started to go back and fill in the cosmetics.  But as you can see there is still much work to do.

 I did also add some scoring today, a countdown timer, and a victory condition (get at least one zombie all the way across the level).  Tomorrow I may add some little pickups that give bonus points, so the completionists can try to collect everything and maximize their score.  Doing so will be difficult — those old ladies pack quite a punch!


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Aug 28, 2019

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