DYZE — Day 2

Well, it's Day 2 of our work on Dr. Yond's Zombie Experiment, and I'm thankful that it's a 9-day jam!  Good progress has been made, but there's still a lot to do.  Let's get right to the video:

Zombies are able to run, jump, and climb up and down pipes.  They can survive a short fall, but too large a fall will transform them from "undead" to simply "dead."

I'm doing this game jam in part to shake out Mini Micro, and today that paid off in a big way.  I've been testing Mini Micro mostly within Unity, where everything has always looked sharp and crisp.  My partner in this project tested it as a Windows build, and it looked like this:

Yikes!  It took some digging to figure out why it looked so junky in builds.  For the record, it was because my dynamically-loaded textures were created by using new Texture2D(2, 2) instead of new Texture2D(2, 2, TextureFormat.ARGB32, false) — the latter one instructs Unity not to create mipmaps; the former one just cheerfully goes ahead and creates and uses these cruddy reduced versions of your texture.  Lesson learned, and Mini Micro improved!  (Improvement to appear in version 0.7.)

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