Dr. Yond's Zombie Experiment begins

I've been in the mood to do a jam lately, partly to put Mini Micro through its paces, and partly just because they're fun and I haven't done one in a while.  And in fact this is my very first online game jam, though I've done a few in-person jams before.

So, after considering the upcoming jams, I finally settled on Mouse Movement Jam #2.  This jam requires us to design and build a game that is played only by moving the mouse; even clicking the mouse button is disallowed!  I thought that'd be a fun challenge.  I started thinking about flocking/swarming behavior, which could be guided by the mouse.  But swarms of what?  Birds?  Fish?  No... zombies!

So I found some nifty zombie (and other) sprites by an artist known as Elthen.  I was also lucky enough to catch the interest of Derrick Moore, another amazing artist, who is making new sprites and tiles as needed.  I now have everything I need to create Dr. Yond's Zombie Experiment, in which you play as giant disembodied brain Dr. Yond, leading a swarm of zombies to mayhem and eventual victory.

It's day 1, and we've barely started... but here is a little taste of what we have done so far.

Follow here for (hopefully) daily updates as we progress!  When it's done, the game will be playable right in the browser (WebGL).  Downloads for Mac and Windows are also a possibility if somebody really wants it (but why would you?).  Feel free to comment with questions, suggestions, or random thoughts.  I'm looking forward to a fun jam!

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