(IMPORTANT: please press Return after typing your bet amount.  This is necessary, but not as obvious as it should be.)

The dungeons of King Drumpf (may he ever reign) had grown rather crowded, to the extent that some particularly bold occupants began to complain about the conditions. At the dragon racetrack one day, in a stroke of typical genius, the King (may his hair be ever thick) thought up a solution to the overcrowding and the complaining in one fell swoop.

Like all predators, dragons run faster when they have something to chase, traditionally called a "rabbit" in racing circles.  Now any prisoner unhappy with his conditions can volunteer to serve as Rabbit in the royal dragon races!

But this is not their story.

This is the story of how you, the dragon race-goer, can bet on these races for fun and profit!  Weigh the odds, eye the dragons, and place your bets.  Some say it's a fast way to lose your coin, but since eventually all coin ends up in the coffers of the King (may his excesses never diminish), who cares?  Try your luck and see how much you can earn at the Dragon Races!

This game won 2nd place in the Text Only Jam.  If you keep an eye out, you will spot both 42 and XYZZY.  Good luck!

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GenreSimulation, Racing
Made withUnity
Tagsbetting, Dragons, gambling, minimicro, miniscript


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I really want a offline version :D

You can do that!  Download a copy of Mini Micro, and contact me privately via Discord or whatever, and I'll be happy to send you the project so you can run it on your own machine.

Thank you very much! :)

Actually I've now posted dragonrace.minidisk here for anyone to use!  See the devlog for instructions (basically: download Mini Micro and the dragonrace.minidisk file, and load the latter in the former).

Watch Text Only Jam (8 Bits to Infinity) Feedback Part 2/2 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

The only question I have is are we just grinding to make coins over the long haul? or Is there a dungeon to fight in and build up stats lols? I do like racing this is a neat twist on racing however I figured out betting on the Smallest "X" : 1 Ratio most times yields a win almost always so I bet on the 3 lowest I see and far as grinding is concerned I will always go up just due to pure mathematics! Maybe if coins started at 10 and there was more RNG maybe but mathematically speaking this is an uphill curve and likely I can push it to $20 a bet per 2 lowest and likely still be in the safety net of upward trend! This game is good I like it but I'm not sure this feels in the theme of Dragon and Dungeons to me, maybe if it was a Gambling at a Racetrack game! Given the Factorial of winning factors there is no challenge here at all as I can forever bet $4 between 2 "Dragons" in this case and always win over the long run! This is more of a solve the math puzzle game to find a rock solid maximum way of minimal losses tbh and really comes down to not even taking guesses! It was a fun game I hope I can see more! Dragons I can sorta see racing but this is a far stretch from Dungeon mechanics! :)

Either that with the numbers or I gotten lucky on virtually all of my races!  Which was like 5 races as a test pool! :)

You got lucky.  I don't think that strategy will work in the long run because the payoff is slightly less than the odds of winning.  Thanks for giving it a try!

The voiced dialog system singlehandedly elevates this above the spare, but original, concept. Better than Keno.

Yeah, the input is bugged. I think the UI is basically good, it just needed some testing on the platform that people will actually play it on.

Thank you for the feedback!  (I'll follow up on Discord about the input issue.)

Agree with B. Rich - nice, original concept and a funny backstory! The commentator works well, too. This seems like a concept that could be developed further. There some unresponsiveness, or at least that's what it felt like, when I sometimes couldn't click on the dragons. If the buttons are disabled, they should maybe turn to a different color so it's more clear. Sounds of the dragons running and roaring, and crowds cheering and booing, would be nice. I assumed there was no ending to this game, so I just bet all of my money until I lost in the fourth race. I spotted ZYXXY twice, but not 42.

I made a game for the jam, too, "itCompany". Feel free to leave feedback if you like!

Thanks for the feedback!  You're right, there's no specific end (unless you run out of money).  Great ideas about the background noises, too.

The backstory is very funny and creative, as is the concept for the game itself. I like the commentator/voice-over. Unfortunately I cannot get second race to start. I pressed start race, and it says it is starting soon but it is just hanging. Reloading the game makes it now hang at the first race. I'm not sure why, but at least I saw one race (though I didn't earn any cash). 

I know you had problems running the browser build of my game to begin with, so I guess we're even ;) Though I would certainly appreciate if you would try out one of my downloadable versions and give some feedback!

Thank you for the feedback!  Very strange about it hanging; that's not an issue I've seen before.  I'll have to dig into that.  (If anybody else reading this sees a similar problem, please reply so I can start looking for some pattern.)

(And yes, I've played your game — we talked about it on Discord.  I got stumped, but it's well done, and I'll certainly give it another try this weekend when I can put more time into it!)

Just wanted to  chime in and say: I had that issue too, and I solved it by clicking on a bet type again and just placing an additional bet. Not sure if that helps solve the issue, but thought I would point it out! Only happened on the second race, and not on the third.

Thank you, Olivia.  That suggests it is some sort of logic error in my code, rather than something funky about the web build itself.  Probably just some way of using the app different from how I always do it!  I'll get to the bottom of it.

I think I finally pinned down this "start race" hang.  Please give the game another try!  :)