On your turn, attack by selecting one of your territories (blue) and then clicking a neighboring territory of a different color.

Attack outcome is determine by dice rolls: the number of soldier tokens shown plus one, for each character.  If the attack roll is greater than the defense roll, the attacker wins, but loses some number of attackers (equal to the number of dice rolled, times the ratio of defense roll to attack roll).  Similarly, if the defense roll is greater, then the defender wins but may lose some (equal to the number of defense dice, times the ratio of attack roll to defense roll).

At the end of your turn, you receive reinforcements in your largest contiguous territory.  You receive 1 reinforcement for each hex in that territory, but these are automatically sent to the front lines, i.e., the hexes that neighbor an enemy territory.

Click the DONE button to end your turn. Press Return during the AI turns to speed them up.

Conquer the entire world to win!

StatusIn development
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Made withUnity
Tags2D, minimicro, miniscript, territory

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By the way, if you like this, you should try its larger & more polished sibling, World Conquest!  You'll need to download Mini Micro to play it, but that only takes a few minutes and it's all free.  Get it here:  https://miniscript.org/MiniMicro/dlc/

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I noticed that reinforcements are based on the largest number of connected spaces of the team.

I surrounded each team to one space. Green and Brown could break one space if they worked together, but brown never attacks that space in-between them. 

That's right!  Your largest set of connected hexes is your "homeland", identified with a little flag, placed randomly somewhere within that territory.  That's where the reinforcements are placed.  So, trying to "cut" your opponent's homeland in half in a very important part of the strategy.

And yeah, the AIs don't work together.  It's every color for himself!


Really fun game!

Felt like playing mini risk with D&D style dice rolling. 

Recommendations I'd have would be some sort of list menu you can look at that shows you how many territories each player occupies.

It would also be nice to have some more feedback about how effective your attacking is, how many people you're losing and so on. Even just a little bit of text that appears near the hex (-1) or (-2) and so on. Really liking some of the other recommendations in the comments as well.

Otherwise, really fun! I'd love to see if this continues to go anywhere. 

Thank you!  This game is actually one of the demos included with Mini Micro, so I intentionally kept the feature set small to keep the code short & simple.  But I've gotten enough positive response here that I really should split off an "enhanced" version here with features like you suggest.  Maybe I'll take a weekend at some point and tear into it.

Or, if anybody wants to learn a little MiniScript coding and lend a hand with it, I'd be happy for the help!

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it would be nice if after you complete a game you could watch the entire game through again almost like a timelapse of sorts 

That's a fun idea!  I agree, that would be a very cool feature.

Also fun would be a graph of your power (number of territories or soldiers) over time.  I always love looking at such graphs at the end of a game...

Like this game, great work!

I found a bug. Or may be a cheat? Click a hex with soldiers, then an empty one near the enemy and then the enemy's hex. Repeat several times and you'll get that hex.

Hmm, definitely sounds like a bug.  Thanks for letting me know!  I'll fix it as soon as I can.


Nice game. But the game doesn’t terminate when you win. It continues to roll turns even if you have all territories.

True.  This game is still under development.  I'm mostly focused right now on getting the terrain generation right.