On your turn, attack by selecting one of your territories (blue) and then clicking a neighboring territory of a different color.

Attack outcome is determine by dice rolls: the number of soldier tokens shown plus one, for each character.  If the attack roll is greater than the defense roll, the attacker wins, but loses some number of attackers (equal to the number of dice rolled, times the ratio of defense roll to attack roll).  Similarly, if the defense roll is greater, then the defender wins but may lose some (equal to the number of defense dice, times the ratio of attack roll to defense roll).

At the end of your turn, you receive reinforcements in your largest contiguous territory.  You receive 1 reinforcement for each hex in that territory, but these are automatically sent to the front lines, i.e., the hexes that neighbor an enemy territory.

Click the DONE button to end your turn. Press Return during the AI turns to speed them up.

Conquer the entire world to win!

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Like this game, great work!

I found a bug. Or may be a cheat? Click a hex with soldiers, then an empty one near the enemy and then the enemy's hex. Repeat several times and you'll get that hex.

Hmm, definitely sounds like a bug.  Thanks for letting me know!  I'll fix it as soon as I can.


Nice game. But the game doesn’t terminate when you win. It continues to roll turns even if you have all territories.

True.  This game is still under development.  I'm mostly focused right now on getting the terrain generation right.