A modern implementation of a classic language
from the early days of home computing

Quick Start

Try commands like the following to find, load, and run some of the built-in demos:

  • pwd — print working directory
  • dir — directory (list files)
  • cd demo — change to the demo directory
  • load colors — load the program colors.bas
  • run — run the current program
  • cd ".." — go up one level

And for writing or editing programs, also try:

  • list — list the entire program
  • listrem — list only remark lines
  • list 100-199 — list lines 100 through 199
  • new — clear the current program and start fresh
  • 5 CLS — add or replace line 5
  • 5 — delete line 5

For details about the MiniBASIC language and commands, see the documentation.

MiniBASIC is open-source, hosted at

More Info

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